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Gen Aronda Tips Akullo On Crime Detection

cost geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>“I call upon the Director of CIID Grace Akullo to work hand in hand with the different service delivery institutions to detect crime other than investigating it after money has been misappropriated, visit web ” said Aronda.

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Aronda made the remarks on Friday while meeting the Directors of Uganda Police for the first time since he was appointed to head the ministry.

The meeting took place at the new Police Headquarters, Kampala, Naguru. It was the minister’s first time to reach the Police headquarters.

Aronda’s statement comes at a time when CIID is under fire for falling short of carrying out thorough investigations in the plunder of public funds in the Office of Prime Minister and Public Service Ministry.

It widely believed that some CIID officials were compromised during investigations in the two government bodies where billions of shillings were lost.

It is also reported that had the Permanent Secretary in the Office of Prime Minister, Pius Bigirimana, not blown the whistle into the shs50bn theft, Police would not have known about it.

Observers say Aronda’s advice is timely and who would help CIID build capacity to detect crime early enough thus saving government billions of shillings in investigating corruption scandals.

He highlighted the need for police to work with public hospitals to ensure that drugs are put to their intended purpose.

The Minister appreciated Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura for transforming Uganda Police from a nomadic police to a police with a fixed place of aboard.

The Minister said gone are the days when police was nomadic in nature where they would be chased from one place to another.

“In my political education teachings, I put a line between the old Uganda and the new Uganda. The old Uganda is where police where nomadic. They would be chased from one place to another but now there’s a home,” said Gen. Aronda.

The minister reiterated the need for police to keep an eye on service delivery to ensure that government funds are put to proper use. He said this can be achieved by reinforcing a service delivery monitoring mechanism.

He emphasized the importance of the East African Community and urged officers to embrace the East African integration as it will help in fighting transnational border crimes.

Aronda and senior Police officials at the meeting

He thanked Police Officers for the great work they have been doing in protecting the people and urged them to continue with the same spirit. The minister said that he has come to reenergize them.

The meeting was attended by the Permanent Secretary, Dr. Steven Kagoda, Gen. Kayihura, and all the Directors of the Police Force.


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