Gov’t Defends Attorney General’s Legal Duties


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viagra order geneva;”>This follows the allegations made by the ULS that the AG gave unsolicited legal opinion to the Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, page the speaker of Parliament, condemning and castigating her for ruling in favor of retaining the four expelled NRM members of Parliament was uncalled for.

In her remarks to the press on Friday at Media Centre in Kampala, Hon Namayanja said: “The AG is the principal legal adviser of Government including Parliament and Article 119 does not say that the Attorney General shall give advice only when it is solicited for.

“It is therefore preposterous for one to say that the Attorney General had given unsolicited legal opinion to the RT. Hon Speaker,” she added.

In their petition given to the secretary of the society on August 14, the ULS petitioners allege that the AG poorly handled the Constitutional Petition No. 47 of 2011- Severino Twinobusingye Vs the Attorney General.

The Law Society further argues that the AG had maliciously admitted in court the allegations made in the petition against parliament.

“Obviously the facts of the Severino case are not correctly spelled out; when Parliament was debating the fate of three Ministers against whise allegations of bribery had been made, cabinet requested for a legal opinion from the AG and he advised that Parliament did not have power to require the three Ministers to step aside,” Namayanja explained.

“The Attorney General gave similar counsel on the floor of Parliament and it was captured on the Hansard and when Severino challenged the resolution of Parliament requiring the three Ministers to step aside, there was no sane way that the AG could deny the advise he had given,” Namayanja defended the Attorney General.

This comes out at a time when the NRM rebel members have finally been kicked out of Parliament by the Constitutional Court.


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