Bwanika: Refugee Influx Unacceptable


remedy geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The People’s Development Party has cautioned the government against the increased influx of refugees in the country.

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Speaking to the press on Thursday in Kampala, the party president Abed Bwanika called upon the parliament of Uganda to order the Internal Affairs Minister in instituting working policies against refugees that frequent the country.

Bwanika said Uganda is turning up to be a dumping place for all refugees in the world.

“We have refugees coming from Congo, Tanzania, Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia, so many foreigners have dominated the Ugandan population to the extent that they are more than Ugandan citizens,” he alleged.

He added: “The parliament must categorically come out with a clear frame work on how to handle these refugees.”

He also noted that some refugees have begun businesses in Uganda even without work permits yet in other countries a refugee cannot acquire a work permit.

“These refugees should not be left to operate as though they are citizens of this country where by some are become insecurity to Uganda,” he emphasized.

He added, “We call upon the parliament of Uganda through the Foreign Affairs ministry to review this policy on refugees and their influx in the country.”

Bwanika said if Uganda is to take on refugees, it should be under the guidelines laid down by the United Nations (UN) which requires that Uganda must have a maximum of refugees to take care of.

“Those people must never be left to enjoy the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Uganda,” he added.


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