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Policewoman Arrested In Sexual Harassment Saga

this geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Deputy Police spokesperson, capsule Patrick Onyango told Chimpreports that Nyirarukundo was taken into custody on Thursday for “violating all the ethics of a trained officer by appearing in the media without express permission of Police management which is an offence under the Police act.”

stomach geneva;”>Onyango further said that SPC Nyirarukundo would be charged over her discreditable and irregular conduct contrary to section 44 (1) code 12 of the Police Act.

“She has also contravened the Police Act by spreading falsehood or prevarication C/S 44 (1) code 15 (a) and (b) of the Police Act.”

Police said the allegations of sexual harassment, which first appeared in a local newspaper, were false.

According to Police spokesperson Judith Nabakooba, Nyirarukundo first made the claims to Professional Standard Unit (PSU) on the October 12, 2011.

Nyirarukundo claimed that in 2008, “when she was deployed in Natete Police Station, she was sexually harassed by the O/C Station ASP Mate Godfrey and when she refused to give in she was scrapped off the pay roll.”

The Police officer further alleged that in February 2011, she was taken to Nagalama for training in Public Order Management when she was pregnant and an instructor sprayed teargas on her which caused a miscarriage.

Nyirarukundo also contended that after the course at Nagalama, she was posted to Busembatya leaving a house maid with her children at Busega where she was residing and that the house helper stole Shs. 3,000,000 before fleeing to Kisoro.

“But when she was arrested and the parents were ready to pay; PSU and particularly by Habyara intervened and the maid was left,” said Nyirakundo.

The policewoman also alleged that on April 18, 2011, four men including one Oboth on orders of Habyara grabbed her at gun point at Busega, took her to Masaka where they spread her legs, and touched her private parts.

The allegations have since raised fears about the safety of women in police uniform from sexual harassment of their superiors

Nabakooba says “those are the allegations were brought forward to PSU to investigate.”

Below is part of Police statement in response to the scandal.

When PSU received this complaint the following were done:

A case file Ref: PSU/GEF/473/2011 was opened to help in our investigations.

D/IP Turiyo was assigned the duty to investigate the allegation.

D/IP Habyara Fortunate, D/AIP Oboth, D/AIP Omara, NO. 37109 D/W/C Ndeuku, NO. 43862 PC Ssemanda as well as NO. 17735 SGT Kakuuka were interviewed and they made statements.

Records of entries showing that SPC Nyirarukundo was taken to Court at Mwanga II Road were accessed and photocopied.


We established that after training in PTS Kabalye in 2008, SPC Nyirarukundo Jane was deployed at Natete Police Station but due to absenteeism from duty most of the time; a head count was conducted when she was not available and she was scrapped off the payroll.

This was not in any way attributed to sexual harassment by the O/C Station ASP Mate Godfrey.

We found out that during Public Order Management Training at Nagalama, some of the resources used include tear gas which partly affects the users once not efficiently and effectively used. There is no evidence that SPC Nyirarukundo was singled out and teargas sprayed on her resulting into a miscarriage.

However, as a normally procedure as stated in the Police Standing Orders, when a woman is pregnant, she has to write to the Inspector General of Police through her unit commander, in this way it assists the unit commander to assign her light duties.

Secondly, it helps the unit commander to know the strength of her/his unit. Thirdly, if she was pregnant six months as she claims the unit commander wouldn’t have selected her to go for a course, that great opportunity would be offered to another person instead of her who was pregnant. Our records do not show that she wrote any letter to IGP about her pregnancy.

PSU found out that SPC Nyirarukundo Jane was residing at Busega Police Post with a young house maid called Nyanjura Dorothy whom she falsely alleged that she stole her three million shillings (Shs. 3,000,000=).

She caused the arrest of the parents of the maid to cause them to pay but through the intervention of PSU, the intended extortion of money was halted.


SPC Nyirarukundo was investigated vide Natete CRB and on the 18/4/2011 she was arrested by police officers namely D/AIP Omara, SGT Driver Kagoda, NO. 37169 D/W/C Ndeuku Alice and taken to Muwanga II Court on charges of Harmful employment.

It is not true that after her arrest she was taken to Masaka and sexually harassed. Records show that she started making all these accusations after when she was arrested and she appeared in court.

The allegations made by SPC Nyirarukundo Jane were malicious intended to tarnish the names of the officers implicated and was likely to bring discredit on the reputation of the force.

SPC Nyirarukundo’s character and behaviour cannot constitute those of a person employed in the interest of her employers and the public.

The allegations that she is demanding 1.8million in salary arrears dose not arise since she was even paid salary for the month of August, 2013 under her names to Post Bank Limited. Our records show that she got a salary loan with Prism and they are deducting her monthly salary to the tune of 97,500/= to pay the loan.

It seems she thought that after getting loan, Police would pay without deducting her salary.

SPC Nyirarukundo has violated all the ethics of a trained officer by appearing in the media without express permission of Police management which is an offence under the Police act. This is Discreditable/or irregular conduct C/S 44 (1) code 12 of the Police Act.

She has also contravened Police Act by spreading Falsehood or prevarication C/S 44 (1) code 15 (a) and (b) of the Police Act.


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