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Gen Kayihura: ADF Killed Sheikh Sentamu


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The murder sparked off a heated public debate and fury from the Muslim community, with many accusing government of having a hand in the incident.

A few days after Sentamu’s murder, reports indicated that he was a member and supporter of the ADF wing in Kampala.

Following an extensive investigation, Police boss Gen Kale Kayihura has now come out to explain the circumstances under which Sentamu was killed.

Kayihura denies reports that at the time of his death, Sentamu was one of the leaders of ADF, alongside Jamil Mukulu.

“Understandably, this has outraged his followers, and caused distress to his family and friends. As Uganda Police, who are still investigating his tragic murder, we can state, authoritatively, that the late Sheikh Abdu Karim Sentamu, at the time of his death, was not a member of ADF, let alone, one of its leaders,” says Kayihura.

“Although at one time he was Jamil Mukulu’s religious teacher,” added Kayihura, “he had opposed his terrorist inclinations and activities.”

“We have information that during the period before he faced his death, Sheikh Sentamu was actively preaching and discouraging the youth from being recruited into the ADF.

In fact, there are indications that it is his anti-ADF position that led to his death at the hands of agents of Jamil Mukulu. The same fate befell other three Sheikhs, whose murders Police is also still investigating,” says Kayihura in a statement sent to Chimpreports on Friday.

Police boss, Gen Kale Kayihura

“As a matter of fact, a suspect with links to ADF is currently facing criminal prosecution in the High Court of Uganda in connection with the murders.”

The Police boss said “It was, therefore, wrong, irresponsible and insensitive for the media to publish such a story, whose intentions we shall have to investigate.”


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