Bwanika Condemns KCCA’s Physical Planning Methods


symptoms geneva; font-size: small;”>In his remarks to the press on Thursday at Melting Pot in Kampala, viagra 60mg Bwanika alleged that the move by KCCA to procure technology worth Shs7 billion from South Africa to be used in tracking down taxis that don’t pay taxes is extremely uncalled for and wastage of tax payers’ money.

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“This is wastage of money especially in a city that doesn’t have roads in some places, most of them full of pot holes and where over 80 percent of the roads are not tarmac,” he said.

Bwanika instead noted that Uganda has several universities that can come up with a programme that can track down taxis drivers that dodge to pay their dues.

“In any case UTODA was able to track these taxis without using the said technology which is only set to wastefully spend the tax payers’ money,” alleged Bwanika.

He further criticized KCCA’s move of beautifying the city referring to it too also wastage of money.

“We are also seeing a lot of wasteful spending in what they call beautifying the city where Shs 700m is believed to have been spent in constructing the leisure park on Kampala Road in front of Watoto Church,” he lamented.

Bwanika said this shows poor prioritization of Kampala City needs emphasizing that beautifying the city should have come at a later stage.

“We are not anti-beautification but KCCA must know the priorities of the city instead of focusing on planting flowers and setting up beauty parks,” he said.

“The tax payers’ money must be spent in the right way,” he added.

Bwanika encouraged KCCA to plan and agree on the city’s priorities through their physical planning committee.


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