Satellite Cargo Tracking System To Reduce Tax Evaders


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According to the Customs department Commissioner Mr. Dickson Collins Kateshumba, the new system will help monitor movement of transit cargo across the country using satellite technology.

“It uses a highly intelligent radio frequency identification wireless technology, (placed in the track drivers cabin), to keep track of where they go,” said Kateshumba.

“Traders will be telling us about particular destinations of their goods at the border, from where we will monitor them all the way. If a track is registered as heading to Southern Sudan and we find it in Kabale, then we will be able to intercept it and bring the owners to book,” he added.

This arrangement was catalyzed by a growing number of Uganda importers unwilling to declare their imported goods so as to evade customs, thereby leading to losses in billions to the tax body.

In their frequent operations at the border Kateshumba revealed that, URA officials have severally managed to intercept expensive cars such as V8 Land cruisers smuggling such goods as cigarettes hidden in their boots.

These people will use all possible means to beat our unsuspecting agents,” he said in a press meeting at URA offices in Nakawa on Wednesday,” to the extent that we have sometimes found mobile phones staffed in boxes of toilet paper rolls, and steel wire.”

“We intend to introduce vehicle scanners to help us bust such concealed goods without having to offload the entire track,” he added.

The project, which has been piloted since March this year, has already proved feasible, and is ready to be rolled out nationally.

“We have used the system in all URA Vehicles and we can now trace each one of them, wherever they are, where they park and for how long,” said Kateshumba.

He said the challenge of Tax evasion and under declaration of goods, is also currently being faced with air cargo, especially with a growing number of goods being flown in at Entebbe airport.

“But while interfacing with the newly introduced Asycuda world system, we will be able to effect another program called Airline Cargo Management System, which will help in proving us with information on passengers and cargo manifestation.”


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