Muntu Under Fire In US


drugs geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>According to Muniini Mulera, thumb who attended the UNAA function, some members asked Muntu whether it was true that was an “NRM mole sent to destroy FDC.”

Security forces have in the past consistently cracked down on political activities organized by Col Kizza Besigye and even repeatedly thrown him behind bars.

In 2011, Besigye had his eyes doused with peppered spray at Mulago roundabout at the height of walk-to-work protests thus necessitating a special medical operation at Nairobi Hospital.

While security forces have been high handed in dealing with Besigye, Muntu has always been let free to organize rallies especially in upcountry areas.

And despite participating in dozens of political rallies in Kampala, security have never jailed Muntu as they do with Besigye.

It is this government’s soft approach towards Muntu that has compelled many to believe that he plays in the NRM league.

Speaking at the Town Hall meeting, Muntu denied the allegations.

“This is an allegation that has been crafted by the NRM/State Security misinformation machine,” said Muntu.

The FDC leader further noted that the government propagandists’ obvious reason is that “Muntu is the one current opponent party leader that Mr. Museveni does not want to face in an election.”

He added: “Of course there are a few individuals within the FDC who have happily merchandized the same falsehood, propelled by personal ambitions that they place above the party’s interests.”

Observers say Muntu’s presidential ambitions are likely to be hampered by the allegations of his connection with the state.

Opposition politics in Uganda is associated with aggressiveness and violence yet Muntu continues to concentrate on building structures right from the grassroots.

He recently said for opposition to capture power, there was need to build a “formidable base rights from the grassroots.”

According to Mulera, a known supporter of Muntu, “The fact, of course, is that Mr. Mugisha Muntu has been one of the most committed and hardworking leaders of the party since its inception in 2005.”

Mulera said “since becoming party leader, he has worked with colleagues to develop and/or review party policies on key aspects of our country’s development and management and has launched a country-wide party building exercise that will see him visit every sub county in the country over the next 6 months.”

Mulera said Muntu’s current tour of North America is part of his program of party-building.

“It is a strange party “destroyer” who spends his energy, time and personal resources building the same party. It is a strange mole who not only strives to achieve harmony, cohesion and party growth but also appeals to all to support the party financially,” added Mulera.


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