Barya Urges Ugandans Abroad To Return Home


approved information pills geneva;”>cheapest sans-serif;”>Presenting a paper last week on the role of the Diaspora in higher education at the Ugandaviagra 60mg sans-serif;”> North America Association (UNAA) Convention in Dallas, United US, Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba said Uganda needs to attract back home its top researchers and scientists from the Diaspora to join the “vibrant educational, research and technological institutions in Uganda.”

The Uganda Technology and Management University Vice Chancellor emphasized that Africans in the outside countries have “special skills and expertise that can play a key role in enhancing development through technology and research in higher education in their home countries.”

He then urged the Ugandans in America to develop collaborations between scientists working in America and those in Uganda to provide an important channel for the latter to access knowledge and expertise which would help in solving local problems.

Baryamureeba said that working with foreign scientists especially from more advanced countries will provide a good way of enhancing domestic scientific capabilities through the exchange of knowledge and experience

“Such initiatives have succeeded in South Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia and a similar initiative is being pursued in Rwanda; Why not Uganda?”


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