PHOTOS: How Cobra Killed Bishop Illukor


viagra 100mg geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The influential religious leader passed away on Sunday morning after a snake bite at his home in Bukedea, what is ed Eastern Uganda.

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approved geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>He was 78.

A family member said the Bishop had gone to his farm on Friday where he would oversee the transfer of maize to the market when he met the brutal hand of death.

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali praying for the soul of fallen Bishop, Illukor

“Bishop Illukor moved to one of the food stores to pick a sack not knowing the deadly cobra had found its way there,” said a family member, also named Illukor.

The cobra had coiled itself behind one of the sacks in the room.

Education and Sports Minister, Jessica Alupo laying a wreath on a casket containing Illukor’s body

“The Bishop accidentally stepped on the huge snake which responded by striking his leg. He immediately called his wife and other members of the community who helped him kill the cobra and provided the necessary First Aid.”

However, it appears, the man of God who was honoured as a peacemaker, human rights activists and philanthropist, did not get the best medication.

Former Anglican Church Archbishop, Livingstone Nkoyoyo, preaching at the memorial service

In his speech, Dr. Peter Olupot from Mbale Referral Hospital, noted that he received a call on Friday at around 10am that the Bishop had been bitten by a cobra.

“I made all the necessary preparations for the man of God to be received at the hospital in Mbale. He arrived two hours later. We carried out an assessment which showed no signs of venom toxicity,’’ noted Dr. Olupot.

Minister Echweru saying farewell to the departed Bishop

The doctor said he kept on monitoring the Bishop’s progress after every three hours.

Olupot said on Saturday afternoon, they carried out a medical checkup which showed that his “hemoglobin had dropped from 18 to 16 which was normal and the response of his kidney, liver and heart to the venom was okay.”

However, in a shocking turn of events, Illukor’s condition started deteriorating on Saturday afternoon.

“By 10 o’clock on Saturday night he had started becoming restless and by Sunday morning the situation got worse,” Olupot told the troubled mourners.

The widow of the deceased (C) and other family members could not hold back tears

“An assessment was quickly done which showed that the Bishop had signs of shock and therefore his body could not allow circulation of blood throughout the body. He had become anaemic.”

Doctors then checked his vomit which was found to have blood. This showed that blood was going through his intestines.

Loyce Illukor (R) pays last respects to her departed husband

“A blood transfusion was done immediately and therefore blood continued to flow normally. Another assessment was done and showed that all his body was white which meant that blood was being lost so we asked for more additional blood,” said the doctor.

Lt Gen Charles Angina bids farewell to the deceased

“By the time we got additional blood for transfusion, he had died and this was about 7:30am on Sunday morning,’’ noted Olupot.


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