Museveni Lecturers Sembabule On Fighting Poverty


medications geneva; font-size: small;”>He appreciated the locals’ effort to invest in dairy farming which has been one way use to fight the scourge of poverty in their area.

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“I thank you for adopting modern dairy farming that has got you out of poverty,” said President Museveni who was guest of honor at a fundraising ceremony held over the weekend to raise financial resources for St. Peter’s Church of Uganda in Lugusulu, Sembabule Archdeaconry in West Buganda Diocese.

“When I go to some areas, Christians contribute less because they earn less but you are contributing generously because you are earning,” he added.

He also appreciated the people of Lugusulu in particular and Sembabule for devoting their efforts to do God’s work.

“I thank you for contributing generously towards the work of the Lord and your work is justifiable,” Museveni said.

At the ceremony, the president bought 76 cows that had been brought to the church by several Christians in Shs60 million and then donated all the money to the fundraising drive.

He further challenged the residents to learn how to use small pieces of land and engage in intensive agriculture to earn more income.

“Leaders in the country, especially in the cattle corridor, should mobilize and advise farmers on the danger of ticks and tick related diseases that have cost farmers hundreds of cattle in the recent times,” he said at the event.

He revealed that veterinary research indicates that ticks get used to drugs when applied without changing them for a period exceeding 3 years.

“Therefore there is need to alternate the drugs from time to time for effective management of the tick and tick related diseases,” he added.

The President also advised farmers against overgrazing and land fragmentation that he said greatly affect farm land productivity. He attributed land fragmentation to poor inheritance practices that emphasize separation of individuals.

“Why don’t parents give shares to their children so that they share what comes out of the land instead of fragmenting the land itself,” he wondered.

Mr. Museveni strongly condemned the practice of bush burning during the dry season. He said this practice greatly affected land productivity and its fertility. He suggested that a strong legislation against the habit should be put in place to punish anybody found maliciously involved in the practice.

Present at the fundraising, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Sam Kutesa, who is also the area Member of Parliament, said Sembabule district was largely peaceful and developing although it had experienced a lot of drought that had affected farm productivity severely.

He also thanked the Christians for contributing generously towards the work of God.

Kutesa contributed Shs10 million towards the fundraising drive.

The main celebrant at the fundraising was the West Buganda Diocesan Bishop, Rt. Rev. Godfrey Mukiibi.


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