Tugume Ready For Re-Match


search geneva;”>Golola recorded a 10 minutes knock-out against the army fighter at Freedom City in Najjanankumbi along Kampala-Entebbe highway.

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visit web geneva;”>“I want to assure my fans that I didn’t surrender the fight to Golola and I want to prove the critics wrongly by asking the organisers to arrange a rematch for me,” says Tugume.

He adds that, “Even Golola doesn’t know how he won the fight. I wish the fight to be there again in three months’ time.”

When our Chimp Corp Elly Kyeyune asked the army fighter if he is doing okay after being knocked out by Golola on Saturday, Tugume said: “I am in good health condition and I didn’t have to go to the health personnel to be fine, only that the umpire stopped me but I was ready to continue with the fight.”

Meanwhile, Golola is yet to respond upon his opponent’s request.

As the fight organizer, Abtex says, “If the two fighters agree for a rematch I will be able to organize it.”

It should be noted that Tugume in Saturday’s fight registered his first loss in the professional career as Golola registered his 3rd win in professional career.


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