12 Arrested for Torching NRM Offices

Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) Executive Director, approved http://cstaab.com/wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php Allen Kagina has made a spot inspection of ongoing works along the Seeta – Namugongo stretch ahead of Pope Francis’ visit in November this year.

The stretch is a vital road work for the Papal visit.

In her brief remarks, visit this Kagina told the contractors, sale Abubaker Tech Services to be “responsive and have a sense of urgency.”

“Are you sure you are finishing this work in a month?” Kagina asked the contracting firm’s Managing Director, Hajji Juma Kalema.

The contractor promised to expedite the works but cited weather challenges at the moment.

Kagina promised to continue making weekly checks on the works to ensure they are fast-tracked.

“We shall see how we will increase our supervision to ensure we hit the deadline before arrival of guests at the end of November,” said Kagina.

“When visitors start coming in we should be ready,” she added.

Kagina promised to ensure contractors are not held back by bureaucracy of processing their payments.

She, however, emphasised that the “drainage must be done properly and roads have to be clean.”

Kalema (leaning on car) promised to ensure the road is ready for use before the Pope's arrival in Uganda next month

Kalema (leaning on car) promised to ensure the road is ready for use before the Pope’s arrival in Uganda next month

The Vatican on Saturday morning released the final program for Pope Francis’s scheduled visit to three African countries including Uganda.

According to the schedule, His Holiness will be arriving at Entebbe International Airport from Nairobi at 4:50Pm on Friday November 27.

He will then proceed to State House in Entebbe where he’s planned to address public authorities and diplomats later that evening.

Among others, the Pope will be visiting the Namugongo Martyrs’ Shrine the following day, [for both the Catholics and Anglicans] and a charitable center in Nalukolongo.

Kagina promised to make weekly checks on the progress of the road construction works

Kagina promised to make weekly checks on the progress of the road construction works

He will also meet with Bishops at the Bishops center and also teachers and catechists in Munyonyo.

The Pope’s visit is expected to attract millions of people from across the world to Kampala.
The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda His Grace Stanley Ntagali has warned Ugandans against acts of violence which he said could lead to bloodshed in the forthcoming elections.

He said politicians’ use of inflammatory and sectarian language could cultivate ground for violence in the polls.

“Let’s restrain ourselves from divisive politics. Uganda belong to all of us, stuff http://cms.prometeusz.info/plugins/system/jat3/core/libs/html_parser.php ” warned the head of the Uganda Anglican church.

He was speaking Saturday at the thanksgiving ceremony of his mother-in-law Aidah Rukubita held at Mukoni Church of Uganda in Kabale district.

Ntagali said Ugandan politics have been commercialized to an extent that people no longer vote issues but those who give me cash handouts.

He warned that some politicians have accumulated “dirty money” from corruption and homosexuals in foreign countries.

“Elect leaders who have the capacity to deliver social services but not that they have given you money, cheap ” said Ntagali.

He also decried the increased number of murders in the country which he blamed on greed, sickness witchcraft and get-rich-quick schemes.

“How can a witchdoctor advise you to take a life to get rich? We must all fight witchcraft and ritual sacrifices,” he added.

Ntagali also condemned adultery which he said continues to wreak marriages in the country.
12 people in Ssembabule district are being detained by police for allegedly setting the district NRM party offices alight.

Supporters of Mr Bulora on Wednesday went on the rampage and set the offices ablaze protesting the victory of one Mr Kalakure, pilule http://communityseven.com/ext/sitesplat/badge/conditions/type/posts.php who was elected as the party’s flag bearer for the sub-county chairperson post.

According to Robert Walugembe, capsule http://cerlalc.org/wp-content/plugins/content_timeline/pages/front_script.php the Deputy District Police Commander Greater Masaka, http://changescale.org/wp-admin/includes/class-pclzip.php the 12 suspects facing arson charges, are being held at Ssembabule police station.

“In elections you have to expect a loser and a winner. There were four candidates running for one post; not all of them could be winners. If not satisfied by the results read by the registrar, they should have petitioned their party,” said the DPC.

Walugembe further informed the press that more people believed to have been involved in the crime are still on the run.


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