11M Simcards So Far Registered, UCC says Progress is Positive

UCC Executive Director, Eng. Godfrey Mutabazi

With less than two weeks to deadline of simcard registration, doctor a total of 11.36 million simcards have so far been validated between the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) and the telecom service providers since the process of simcard verification began, cialis 40mg NIRA officials have said.

Clet Turiho, approved the ICT Director at NIRA told journalists at a news conference on Monday that out of the 13 million of the requests sent to NIRA from telcos, 11.36 million have been validated.

This implies that the 11.36 million simcard were found to have information tallying with the users’ National Identity card details.

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There are approximately 22 million registered active simcards in Uganda, according to Eng. Godfrey Mutabazi, the UCC Executive Director. He described the progress in the simcard registration exercise as ‘positive’, saying 70% of the active simcards had been validated and successfully registered by last week.

“We have about 22 million simcard users. But remember that some individuals have more than one simcard while some companies and organizations also have up to 50 simcards,” Mutabazi said.

“It is therefore not correct to equate the 22 million simcards with the 11 million individuals since many have several simcards.”

Given that close to half of Uganda’s population is below the age of 15 (who do not possess the national ID), Mutabazi said “we are therefore dealing with about 17 million Ugandans, so we are doing very well”.

However, it should be recalled that as of last month, up to 1.5 million national identity cards had not been collected by their respective owners. At the time, NIRA said 17 million Ugandans had registered for I.Ds.

The regulator maintains that switch off deadline for unregistered simcards will be on May 19.

Mutabazi said that UCC will facilitate NIRA with a short code with which NIRA will be able to send bulk text messages updating simcard users on their status of registration. The code will be availed to the public by end of today.

The Minister of Security, Lt. Gen Henry Tumukunde who was also part of the Monday news conference said that stakeholders including NIRA, UCC and telcos will step up public sensitization regarding the processes, locations and requirements for simcard registration. However, the Minister proposed that NIRA fasttracks its process of issuing National Identity cards.

“Legal teams from telcos, Ministries of Security and Internal Affairs are yet to meet and study the possible legal implications of switching off unregistered cards,” Tumukunde said.


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