Mbidde: Kiir Dismissing Cabinet Is Justifiable


capsule geneva; font-size: small;”>In an exclusive interview with our Chimp Corp, mind Nixon Segawa on Monday, remedy Mbidde said the constitution of South Sudan mandates the president legal rights to sack and appoint ministers as he wishes.

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“It is believed that South Sudan is an indirect coalition government between President Salva Kiir and Ricky Macha who has recently after the sacking ministers came out openly and announced his political interests to become the next president of the newly born country,” Mbidde said.

“Am saying indirectly because historically Macha used to command a force that was against Kiir’s army and this means the cohesion and corporation is what resulted into the formation of the country,” he explained.

Mbidde alleged that there has been a continued discontent as far as allegiance is concerned among the several senior members and the ministers in regard to Kiir and Macha.

“One has to know according to the circumstances that have led to the sacking of the Secretary General of SPLM, some ministers and military generals, it shows that Kiir was trying to reaffirm his political hold onto power,” he added.

It is also believed that Macha had begun having his way through the substantive officials so as to become the next president and this was a game of who acts first.

President Kiir was probably becoming an island amongst his cabinet officials which was a wise action to take so as to strengthen his political hold onto power.

Mbidde claims there was a similar situation in Uganda in 1962 when Shaban Opoloto the army commander who had married a Muganda wife being more attached to Buganda than his deputy Idi Amin during the reign of President Muteesa and Obote as the prime minister.

“The frictions that emerged at the time required that whoever took action first would become successful in taking power because none of them substantively had power until it was to be given to one,” he said.

He further explained that Muteesa was approached but did not take action and this disappointed the international community giving room to Obote to take action through Idi Amin and definitely took power.

Mbidde alleges there is a school of thought that believes Macha was about to take over power and had established strong connections within the army and the political public arena leaving Kiir without corporation with anyone.

President Kiir had to revert to the constitution to resolve the contradictions that would cause him lose power over the state.

Mbidde has however called upon president Kiir to appoint ministers as early as possible to enable the smooth running of South Sudan.


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