Bunyoro Residents Claim Oil Has Left Them Poor


recipe geneva; font-size: small;”>Speaking to Chimpreports, The Bagungu Cultural Institutional NEC member, Godwin Angalya, said politicians in the region have neglected people’s need of their compensation and so they have decided to launch a protest as soon as possible.

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“My people in the region are ready and plan to begin planting and growing crops after waiting for a period of five years since they signed documents for compensation,” said Angalya.

He added: “The land which was given to us cannot be taken freely by the oil companies.”

Angalya said he was disappointed to hear the government’s spokesperson saying that if the Albert region people are not contented, they should go to court.

“How can people in Bulisa who cannot afford a meal a day manage to clear legal fees?” he complained.

He noted that the only thing to be done is for the people of Bulisa to grow crops again in the very places they gave away to government because they are dying of hunger and famine.

“We are therefore calling upon civil societies and genuine political leaders to help us in this struggle to redeem the rights of the people in the region over their land,” said Angalya.

He has also warned against destruction of the tourist centers and cultural heritage in the area by the oil companies.


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