Col Mande: Security Forces Pushing Us Over The Edge


healing geneva;”>Mande reflected on a speech by his departed guardian, page Gen Wilson Nsheka at the exiled Colonel’s wedding, in which the former thanked Dr Milton Obote “for pushing us to the bush otherwise there should have been no way we could have proved our worthness and ability to liberate the country.”

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Suspected of forming the rebel People’s Redemption Army (PRA) in DRC in the early 2000s before fleeing to Sweden where he lives, Mande on Wednesday said “even though the fundamental change has turned out to be the fundamental problem, its usefulness is relected in the resistance shown by our children and women in their very visible struggle to deliver he real fundamental change.”

The remarks come at a time of heated opposition political acitivities in the country.

Mande had in the last few months toned down on his criticism of President Museveni’s government, with insiders saying he was looking at reconciling with his former NRA guerillas with the view of returning to Uganda.

But the Wednesday attack seems to confirm reports that Mande could be stepping up efforts aimed at causing regime change.

Intelligence reports indicate that Ugandans in the Diaspora were being mobilised by opposition leaders to pile pressure on President Museveni with the ultimate aim of blocking his plans to secure another term in office after 2016.

It remains unclear if Museveni will seek to remain in the highest political office of the land but there has not been any sign that he is about to leave the stage.

Mande also mocked Police for arrestng women activists on Tuesday as they protested new taxes on water.

“Special thanks to the police commanders of Kampala and their handlers. By employing force rather than intellect yesterday just a handful of women and girls managed to deliver a very loud message to the intelligence community and the dictator, that we will shout and be heard even louder when you arrest especially the weak and meek among us,” said Mande.

An FDC sympathiser, Mande had taken years without referring to Museveni as a “dictator.”

He further said the women’s protest sent a message to the World community — “that Ugandans too are normal human beings that demand and are determined to live a life without a dictatorship.”

“There is no turning back. Even the smallest act of activism is sending this dictatorship to the valley of infamy. Thanks Ingrid, Doreen, Anne and all your colleagues. You are the strongest link in the third liberation of Uganda. With you we are made stronger, really strong.”

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Ibin Ssenkumbi said the FDC women were arrested for attempting to hold a public rally in Kampala without notifying concerned authorities.

He said such protests disrupt traffic and businesses in the city centre.

But the leader of the group, Ingrid Turinawe, told Chimpreports that they intended to deliver a petition to the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Nandala Mafabi, to seek Parliament’s intervention on the new taxes.

But Ssenkumbi said “Parliament was not expecting these women -it just a lie meant to cover up their plans of destablising business in the city.”


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