KCCA Warns City Vendors


story geneva; font-size: small;”>The vendors, cialis 40mg who were evicted in order to reduce the congestion in the city centre, were allocated space in certain markets including the newly launched Usafi market but it seems things are not going on well for them there – a reason they are back on the streets.

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Many of them are usually seen around taxi parks and downtown Kampala selling petty goods such as sweets, tattoos, necklaces, perfumes, bread, snacks, sugar and airtime.

In an exclusive interview with Chimpreports, Robert Kalumba, the deputy spokesperson for KCCA said, almost all the formerly evicted vendors have come back in big numbers according to what his re- enforcement team reported.

However, Kalumba noted that the Authority will employ more re-enforcement officials on the streets to re-evict them back to their respective places because what have disobeyed the law.

“If these vendors don’t leave the streets immediately, we will confiscate their goods and they will have to appear before court for disrespecting city laws,” he emphasized.

Our Chimp Corp, Ritah Nabulya spoke to one Tom Kakiri, a vendor selling sugar and bread in old taxi park.

He said business on the streets is better than that in the market because there are less customers inside the markets compared to streets.


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