Ugandan Trader: How I Survived Being Killed By Mai Mai


order geneva; font-size: small;”>Yusufu Muteyanga, a Ugandan truck driver hailing from Jinja district narrated to Chimpreports how he was kidnapped on Sunday at the Paizano bridge near Nyamirima town about 20km from Ugandan border of Ishasha before he was whisked away to Nyabitare forests by the suspected Mai Mai rebels.

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Muteyanga said at the time he was kidnapped, he was driving a Fuso lorry registration number UAS 144D full of maize grains from Ksegulu which he was going to deliver to Busia in Eastern Uganda.

“I was alone in the vehicle and when I approached Nyamirima town a group of about five armed men dressed in army uniform stopped me,” he said, contrary to earlier reports that two traders have been taken captive.

“They put me at gunpoint before requesting for a payment of $85 which I did not have. So they decided to take me away and left my truck abandoned along the road,” Muteyanga narrated.

Muteyanga said he moved on bare feet because when they stopped him, he had been driving on bare feet to avoid swelling.

After moving for a long distance, they reached a rebel base where they served him with posho and beans.

Muteyanga claims he was saved by one of the rebels only identified as Akim who identified him as fellow Muslim and pleaded for mercy on his behalf.

“I was saved by my fellow Muslim Akim who stood with me and pleaded for my safety before setting me free.”

He added that he moved through the thick forests and was discovered by a Congolese security and intelligence officer who handed him over to Ugandan security officers at the border.

The Ishasha border Internal Security Officer Lt James Kalisa praised the government of DRC for securing the safety of Muteyanga and promised to always cooperate with their counter parts.


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