Catholic Lawyers Challenge BOU On Business Lectures


stomach geneva; font-size: small;”>Lumu claimed the Joseph Mubiru Memorial lecture seems to be targeting only Ugandans in the corporate class which yields nothing to the local people.

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medicine geneva; font-size: small;”>He said this ahead of the 21st Joseph Mubiru Memorial lecture which is due to take place on Friday under the theme: “Unlocking Africa’s Growth Potential: Aligning Decision Making to Implementation and Delivery.”

Lumu said it is very unfortunate that people involved in the lecture are those working in the corporate circles of Uganda, especially NSSF, Banks and prominent politicians.

“I wonder whether the information discussed in the lectures really relates to the indigenous people that it is meant to benefit,” Lumu said.

He claimed many people have heard of this memorial lecture but a few have benefited from it.

General Secretary Uganda Catholic Lawyer’s Society (UCLS), Richard Lumu

“This serves like any other kind of commemoration that is aimed at benefiting only the organizers but not the country at large,” he asserted.

Lumu further called upon the Bank of Uganda to stretch out of the city so as to provide educative business programmes rather than investing a lot of money in the annual lectures.

He said Africa has got a lot of potential that is not yet unlocked due to several reasons ranging from poor politics and corruption among leaders.

“Africa is so much involved in politics, fighting each other which don’t help the ordinary person that everyone in the fight claims to be protecting,” he added.

He further explained that some countries that opted to involve the local people in their political decisions have greatly developed.

“Corruption especially in local governments and in high offices has hampered on implantation of policies and service delivery in Africa,” he added.

Meanwhile, the guest speaker at the memorial lecture is Hon. Trevor Manuel, South Africa’s Minister for the Presidency in charge of the National Planning Commission.

Bank of Uganda holds the Joseph Mubiru memorial public lectures annually in memory of the first Governor Bank of Uganda, Joseph Mary Mubiru (R.I.P.)


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