Top Musicians To Attend Sera Memorial Service

there http://cognac-ambassador.com/wp-admin/includes/network.php geneva; font-size: small;”>Her death ripped apart music lovers’ hearts. The music fraternity struggled to come to terms with her untimely and painful demise.

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patient geneva; color: #222222;”>Tears flowed uncontrollably. Grief swept the nation. She left the earth but her soothing music still lives with us.

ChimpEntertainment reports that preparations for departed youthful music star Sarah Nampijja alias Sera Salai’s memorial service are underway, with Uganda’s top musicians expected to grace the function due Wednesday at Christ The King Church in Kampala.

Music promoters, deejays, producers, relatives and friends of Sera will attend a special mass starting 10:00am to remember the precious life and times of Uganda’s “Madonna.”

The talented singer passed on last year due peptic ulcers.

Sera’s death shocked the nation

However, the controversy that surrounded the release of the postmortem report sparked off fears that some of Sera’s friends knew something sinister about the cause of her death.

At that time, the executive director of Swangz Avenue music label where the singer was signed, Julius Kyazze, was quizzed by detectives for a marathon ten hours over the suspected poisoning of the “Contagious” hit star.

Kyazze would later tell this website that he did not have a hand in the singer’s mysterious death.

Sera’s “contagious” lyric has swept the airwaves like wildfire, with many labeling the rising star ‘Uganda’s Madonna.’


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