Busiika Track Redesigned Ahead Of Championship

case geneva; font-size: small;”>Arthur Blick Jr, search the head of speed way motocross – the organisers of the event said “starting today (Tuesday) we are going to redesign the track with the help of our guest driver from South Africa Nick De Wit whom we are expecting to arrive any time.”

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Uganda lost in the first round of the Central Motocross Championship in Jamuhri park in Kenya last month but Blick who captained the team notes: “We lost to Kenyans but it was just because of poor designed track but ours in Busiika is going to be standard so no excuse this time.”

Kenya is leading the three rounds race with now two races to go with 892 points and Uganda will need to win the Sunday race to keep the pace before going in for the final race in December to be held in Kenya.

Meanwhile, Nick De Wilt the South African free style rider who is ranked number five in the world will take part in the race as a guest rider. His participation does not earn him any points.


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