Luyiga Opens Up On Tribunal Testimony

cheap geneva; font-size: small;”>This followed an intense mockery from various people on the social media accusing him of being corrupt.

In response, Luyiga posted on a journalist’s wall rubbishing the mockery from people.

“Why can’t you also talk of one KCCA politician who has been given Shs 2 billion in just two Years?” adding that, “So Luyiga and that Politician, who is eating big?” he said.

To prove that he is not bothered by the confession he made before the tribunal, Luyiga said no amount of words, abuses, threats and allegations will deter him from pursuing what he thinks is right.

“If I am a fool, what can we call a person who interprets prosecution to mean conviction? And surprisingly such uninformed people do not know that there are some opposition politicians who have ever been convicted of corruption and were imprisoned. In my life, as long as I am still a politician, I will never be convicted of corruption,” he said.

The Makerere councilor also said that he disapproved of Erias Lukwago’s method of work but has nothing personal. “I even declined signing his impeachment petition,” he added.

However during the cross-examination, Luyiga faced a tough time when asked by Lukwago’s lawyer, Medard Ssegona to tell whether he wanted Lukwago out of Office or wanted him to stay.

His answer was, “I abstain.”

Luyiga was among the witnesses recalled for cross-examination by Lukwago’s legal team headed by Abdu Katuntu.

In his testimony, Luyiga admitted to have been accused and prosecuted of taking a bribe from the KCCA town clerk before.

However he has rubbished this saying, “I don’t deny having been prosecuted for allegations of bribery and right thinking people know that. I won this bogus case way back in 2009.”


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