Uganda Wants Action Against ADF


website like this geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>Kutesa told a meeting of the Interministerial Committee of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region in Nairobi, Kenya on Monday that ADF operations were destabilizing Eastern Congo, leading to a refugee crisis in Uganda.

“I call upon the region to deal with the threat posed by ADF and other negative forces in the DRC,” said Kutesa.

ADF rebels recently overrun DRC military installations in Kamango near the Uganda border, causing uncertainty in the region.

He also urged the DRC government and M23 rebels to return to the negotiating table in Kampala and conclude the peace talks as “they offer best hope for peaceful resolution” of the conflicts in the war-torn country.

Kutesa is leading the Ugandan delegation to Nairobi. Ugandan officials present include the ambassador to Rwanda, Richard Kabonero, Chief of Defence Forces Gen Katumba Wamala and Defence Minister Crispus Kiyonga.

The ministers’ session is meant to prepare an extraordinary summit of Heads of State and government on the security situation in the Great Lakes region.

The meeting was preceded by a two day- meeting of National Coordinators of the ICGLR which started on July, 27.

The aim of the National Coordinators’ meeting was to receive report by the ICGLR Executive Secretary on the implementation of decisions and recommendations of the last RIMC held in Bujumbura in February 2013 for a better preparation of the coming meeting and the extraordinary summit.

It also analyzed challenges encountered in the implementation of the UN and AU Framework agreement on peace, security and cooperation for DRC and the Region.


The NCM’s meeting was attended by National Coordinators of Angola, Burundi, Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Sudan and South Sudan, Levy Mwanawasa Lusaka Centre, ICGLR staff, UA, SADC, UN, ICGLR’s Group of friends and ICGLR co-opted countries.

The meeting was opened by the Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs in Kenya, Dr.Karanja Kibicho in presence of the ICGLR Executive Secretary, Professor Ntumba Luaba and the National Coordinator of Uganda, Ambassador James Mugume, Chairman of National Coordinators .

Dr Kibicho urged the region to pay more attention to trade to improve economic situation of people in the region as a way of addressing security issues affecting the region.

He said crime will not thrive where basic problems affecting the people have not been resolved. Dr. Karanja noted that the ICGLR process has made tremendous strides towards achieving sustainable peace, stability and Development in the region.

Ambassador Mugume informed the meeting that progress has been achieved in Kampala talks between DRC government and M23 and that the two sides have presented two peace drafts that were compiled in one draft and will further on be subject of negotiations and signing.

He invited both parties to resume and conclude the talks as soon as possible.

A meeting of Chiefs of Defense Staff and Chiefs of Intelligence at Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club, was held on July 28.

The official opening of the Special Summit of the ICGLR Heads of State and Government will be presided over by President Yoweri Museveni, ICGLR Chair on July 31 at the Gigiri UN Complex , Nairobi, Kenya.


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