UPDF Probes New Rebel Group


malady geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>A one James Mukasa, pharmacy who claimed to be UPLA’s political commissar, last week circulated a letter to several Ugandan media houses saying they were operating from within the Rwenzori Mountains.

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Mukasa further alleged that Ugandan troops crossed to Kamango inside DRC to attack UPLA bases, a claim Ugandan authorities have described as “utter rubbish.”

“Concerned that UPDF had outflanked us and had prepared a killing field against us in case we were pushed into DR Congo, from our base area in the Uganda side, Rwenzori Mountain, we pursued, attacked and destroyed those UPDF units inside DR Congo,” alleged Mukasa.

Speaking to this website on Monday, army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda said “for us in UPDF we never take anything for granted.”

“We will investigate this so-called UPLA. You can’t just dismiss them because we have in the past fought and defeated over 20 rebel groups.”

Asked whether UPDF had prior information about UPLA, Ankunda replied: “Not really, we did not have them on our radar. But we are following up this issue.”

Since 1986, Uganda armed forces have fought about 27 rebel groups especially in North and Northeastern Uganda.

The DRC-based Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) and Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) were the most lethal of all rebel groups.

Just recently, a new rebel outfit known as ‘Munansi’ was said to be operating from the Diaspora.

It was alleged that Munansi militants have links with Uganda National Revolutionary Front (UNRF), a rebel group that had started recruiting in Nkozi and Kituntu regions in Mpigi district in June 2012.

At least 60 suspected rebels were arrested in a massive swoop carried out by intelligence services in 2012.

They included Richard Nono of Lugazi, Charles Okong who had arrived in Uganda from Canada and Paul Obobo of Buikwe, whom security said were the leaders on the rebels’ clandestine operations.

Then UPDF publicist Col Felix Kulayigye said the individuals were planning rebel activities under Uganda People’s Federal Alliance (UPFA) and Uganda National Front/ Army (UNF/A).

Other insurgent groups such as UPDA, Force Obote Back and PRA have also failed to dislodge President Yoweri Museveni’s government.


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