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Museveni Urges Veterans To Wage War On Poverty

help http://daa.asn.au/wp-includes/feed.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 14pt; text-align: justify;”>“My coming here to meet veterans is to challenge you on the issue of wealth creation in your homes. You fellow fighters, buy you led in the struggle to liberate Uganda; let’s lead the struggle of eradicating poverty”, sickness he stressed.

The President was on Saturday addressing veterans at Bumbo Primary School in Bumbo Sub-County in Manafwa district Bugisu Sub-Region.

The veterans in the area were of three different categories; those of the category of FRONASA, Bumbo-Manjiya Kawonawo and Elgon13.

President Museveni told the gathering of the history of Manafwa in the struggle adding that Bumbo Sub-County was selected to be a strategic secret base for operations in Bugisu Sub-Region but the plan did not succeed.

The President, however, paid glowing tribute to all families that contributed to the struggle by supporting the fighters. He singled out the family of the late Sipola and introduced others to the gathering.

He also commended Mzee Jack Maumbe Mukhwana in whose house No. 49 in Maluku Estate, he was surrounded by Amin soldiers and but miraculously escaped.

President Museveni called on all veterans and wanainchi to wage war against poverty.

He said each family should endeavor to use the available piece of land and engage in profitable income generating activities.

He advised each home to have an acre of coffee, fruits, of elephant grass for dairy cows, poultry for eggs and piggery.

“I want each family to be a centre of wealth creation”, he said.

President Museveni who has been on the tour of sveral parts of the country meeting veterans, also advised the veterans and the people of Manafwa to grow apples and grapes that have ready market nationally, regionally and internationally.

He commissioned electricity power supply from Butiru Bumbo to Lwakhakha. He assured the people of Manafwa that the road from Mbale to Bumbo and on to Lwakhakha will be tarmac.

He pledged to support the families of the fallen fighters in the region and also to sort out their benefits in phases.

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