Nkangi Urges Ugandans To Be More Innovative


this geneva; font-size: small;”>Nkangi blamed Ugandans for not being innovative to the extent that almost all the consumable goods used in Uganda are imported or are made by the foreigners.

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“One time I was in traffic jam on Jinja Road and I looked around and noticed that all the vehicles, bicycles and motor cycles around me were imported from other countries. This left a question in my mind, what have we managed to put in place compared to our colleagues in other countries?” he asked.

He said our ancestors were more innovative than us today because they managed to make bark cloth which was used for clothing people.

Nkangi added that today, people have become too dependent on the whites to the extent that even the smallest thing, a safety pin used to get jiggers out the body is imported from China.

“Even the cash crops like cotton and coffee which used to fetch us income to our families are no longer grown at a large scale,” he lamented.

The former finance minister advised all Ugandans regardless of their political or religions status to rise up work for this country because once they don’t, noone will.

He made these remarks at the launch of the Great Wall of Fame which was organized by the Uganda Youth Platform on Friday evening in Kampala.


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