Tribunal: Councilors Fail To Backup Submissions


patient geneva;”>information pills sans-serif; background-position: initial initial; background-repeat: initial initial;”>Despite the councilors’ earlier testimonies accusing the Lord Mayor of incompetence and abuse of office, many could not defend their submission.

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Through his lawyers Abdu Katuntu and Medard Ssegona, Lukwago last week recalled some of the councilors who had testified against him, in his absence. The very first witness to be cross examined, Hope Tumushabe, lit up Lukwago’s hopes and confidence.

During the cross-examination, she at one time ran out of answers and told Ssegona, “I am not looking for a Job!” after being asked what her name was. It was the interception of the head of the tribunal, Catherine Bamugemereire that normalized the situation.

“Councilor, you only answer what counsel asks you, do not ask him any question, okay?” advised Bamugemereire.

Lukwago’s lawyer Abdu Katuntu speaking at the tribunal

The questions put to her also seemed to be difficult for her that she started making contradicting statements.

She even accused the Lord Mayor of having incited violence that led to the death of some tax collectors. However, when asked to name any, her answer was, “they were beaten to death but later on they were treated and are now back at work!” something that threw the whole court in laughter.

The second witness, unlike her first counterpart was confident throughout the cross-examination process. The answers from the Executive Director, Jennifer Musisi during the cross examination were usually; “I don’t remember, I can’t confirm, I need to check record and I am not aware.”

On the second day of cross examination, Musisi also admitted that Lukwago had been calling meetings though she wasn’t attending but failed to show court that any of her staff had been attending.

Lukwago’s lawyers consulting eachother at the Tribunal on Thursday

She also admitted that she didn’t have any signed minutes for the meetings yet she had financed them.

Meanwhile, other witness who came after Musisi didn’t make the story any different – Councilor Benard Luyiga admitted to have always sided and taken bribes from interested parties.

However, he faced a tough time when asked whether he wanted Lukwago to leave office or not. His answer was “I abstain”.

Even the lead petitioner, the councilor representing Kyambogo, Bruhan Byaruhanga was caught off guard and ended up giving contradictory statements.

By the end of the process on Friday, eight councilors had been cross- examined including the KCCA Clerk, Lauben Kamoga.

Executive Director KCCA, Jennifer Musisi waiting to be cross examined at the Tribunal

The tribunal is set to resume on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 with the Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago filing his defence.

According to the petition, several councilors request that Lukwago be removed from office for failure to convey council meetings, abuse of office, incompetence and inciting of violence.


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