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75 Arrested In Anti-Drugs Crackdown


viagra geneva; font-size: small;”>This operation dubbed “Usalama” carried out between July 16 and 18 was organized by the Nairobi-based Eastern Africa Interpol regional bureau.

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According to Rwanda police, the crackdown on organized gangs was in the framework of the Eastern and Southern police bodies – EAPCCO and SARPCCO – joint strategies to counter cross-border crimes following their resolutions late last year to cooperate to break criminal rings in the two regions.

It was conducted concurrently in all the 25 countries in the two regions of Rwanda and targeted drug and human traffickers, immigrant smugglers and motor vehicle theft.

Immigrant smugglers are people who illegally sneak others into a country, either for good or bad intentions.

The exercise also targeted arms traffickers and brothels. A brothel is a place where people may come to engage in sexual activity with a prostitute or with any other person, who is not a legal partner.

According to the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Tony Kulamba, the Acting Commissioner for the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), five residential houses used as brothels were recovered in Kigali but were closed down and the owners arrested.

“We processed their dossiers and handed them over to prosecution for judicial process,” ACP Kulamba said.

He warned anyone that could be involved in this illegal business to “desist” before they are apprehended to face the wrath of law.

ACP Kulamba also said that two Rwandans were arrested in connection with people smuggling after it emerged that they had brought seven Burundians – who were also arrested – illegally into the country to use them in various activities.

“Like it is zero tolerance on corruption, and so does on drugs,” he stated.

“There is will and ability to counter any security threat in the country and this is a warning to anyone involved in any illegal activity. We will not tire until such criminal rings are dismantled,” he warned.

He appealed to schools, parents and religious leaders to strengthen their campaign against drug abuse, which is still high among the youth.

“Very soon, the Interpol tool – I-24/7 – will be extended to all outlets to aid in tracking down criminals and stolen vehicles,” he noted.

The tool acts as a database connecting all Interpol member states.

With now all small arms in the country registered, he said, no threat of arms trafficking in Rwanda.

Both EAPCCO and SARPCCO member countries are scheduled to meet in Uganda next month for public disseminate and evaluate the results of the operation.


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