Nsibambi Warns Youth


drug geneva; font-size: small;”>While meeting the youth in Kampala on Friday, online Nsibambi said the main reason for high unemployment levels among the youth is that they focus on looking for white collar jobs which are very few in our country.

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“Most graduates are unemployed because they have been looking for white collar jobs for over five years now and have failed to get any,” he said.

“Most of them being frustrated, it has become an advantage for the politicians to use these young people in rioting and looting of shops during the confusion,” added.

Prof Nsibambi encouraged the youth to utilize whatever job is available to meet their success giving an example of Mr. Robert Kasibante who is now an auditor.

With a BA degree from Makerere University, Mr Kasibante first became a pump attendant at one of the petrol station in town where he used to report to work at 8.30am working up to 6.00pm earning only Shs 100,000 per month.

It was from this job that he got a job in an audit firm in Kampala which trained him and gained level two qualifications in CPA (Certified Public Accountants) exams.

Nsibambi advised the youth that even if one starts by ridding aboda boda, he/she can also become successful as Kasibante who was determined to fulfill his ambition.

“To obtain success in your life you have to be disciplined with integrity,” Nsibambi advised the youth.

He also said whether it has rained or not one has to report to office in time sighting out an example, “When I was still the prime minister I never allowed public servants to reach late at work, I remember one time I told my driver to pick me by 7.00am then he came by 8.00 blaming traffic jam for delaying him.”

“That marked the end of his job because if he was a good planner he would have started the journey earlier to avoid arriving late,” said Nsibambi.

So the youth should be good time managers if they are to succeed in whatever they are doing.


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