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Sudan Postpones Deadline For Closure Of Oil Pipeline

medical http://cjs.coop/wp/wp-includes/feed-atom.php geneva; font-size: small;”>The agreement follows calls by the Chairman of the AU High Level Implementation Panel, pharmacy http://coffinpump.com/wp-includes/session.php former South African President Mbeki, by the Chair of IGAD’s Council of Ministers, Ethiopian Foreign Minister, Dr. Tedros Adhanom, who arrived in Khartoum on Thursday.

“They asked for more time so that the AU verification committee, the Ad Hoc Investigative Mechanism (AIM) could complete its investigations of the claims made by Sudan and South Sudan that both had been supporting the rebels of the other side,” said officials at the African Union.

The AIM was set up on Monday this week at the same time as the AU Border Program’s determination of the centerline for the Safe Demilitarized Border Zone between Sudan and South Sudan.

President Al-Bashir stressed Sudan’s keenness to establish good relations with South Sudan to achieve peace and stability through the implementation of the cooperation agreements. Mr. Mbeki said the AUHIP and IGAD believed these committees should be given time to do their job.

China’s special envoy to Africa Zhong Jianhua, who met with President Omar Al-Bashir yesterday, also presented proposals for a 15 days delay in exchange for holding intensive consultations to remove the points of tension between the two neighboring countries to ensure the flow of oil through flexible and secure borders.

Sudan’s oil minister, Awad Ahmed al-Jaz, yesterday reiterated that Khartoum will stick to its decision to stop the flow of South Sudan’s oil through its territory at the end of the 60 day deadline on August 7.

The Minister said “the ball is in the court of South Sudan”.

He said South Sudan could avoid stoppage of oil flow by fully implementing the cooperation agreements matrix and proposals of the African Union mediator Thabo Mbeki agreed upon by the two countries.

Announcing the proposed closure in June Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir said the move was in response to South Sudan’s funding of rebels fighting the Sudan government.

Minister Al-Jaz said security was a crucial element for the transfer of oil from production areas to global markets.

The African Union’s Ad Hoc Investigative Mechanism (AIM), which is comprised of three senior military officers arrived in Khartoum on Thursday.

It will later visit Juba.

It is tasked with looking into the accusations made by Sudan and South Sudan that they support each other’s rebel groups.


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