Court Upholds MP Godi Jail Sentence


capsule geneva; font-size: small;”>Godi appeared on Friday morning before court as his friends and families waited for the court’s ruling.

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site geneva; font-size: small;”>The court ruling was made by two justices Steven Kavuma and Remy Kasule.

Justice Kasule said the Court was satisfied by the decision reached by Mukono high court Judge after a proper evaluation of the evidence.

“Justice Gidudu evaluated all the evidence from both the state and defense; the ballistic expert, calls, the shoes, car and bullet cartilages. We found that the evidence was incompatible with the innocence of the appellant,” justice Kasule read.

He added: “This appeal is therefore dismissed and the appellant will still serve the 25 year sentence as per the Judgment of the High Court of Mukono.”

Kasule however noted that the appellant has a right to appeal in the Supreme Court within fourteen days from the day this ruling is read to him.

After the ruling, Godi who had been at ease and confident throughout the reading of the ruling, could be seen shaking his head in displeasure.

His mum, who had been among the group of Godi’s relatives at the court, couldn’t hold her tears and she kept on wiping them away as her son talked to his lawyers.

Justice Lawrence Gidudu of Mukono High Court in February 2011, sentenced Godi to 25 years in prison after having charged, tried and found him guilty of his wife’s death.

Rehema Caesar (Godi’s wife) was killed at Lugojja village in Mukono district on December 4, 2008.

She was shot dead on the Mukono-Kayunga road and her body dumped near Mpoma satellite station.


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