Is Courtship Before Marriage Important?

this site http://demcsb.com/wp-includes/id3/module.audio.ac3.php geneva; font-size: small;”>This can also be described as a period during which a couple develops a romantic relationship especially with a view that leads to marriage or one’s behavior designed to persuade someone to marry him or her.

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ambulance http://conceive.ca/wp-content/cache/wp-cache-e18790c43dd52984a453e29e05f46c2a.php geneva; font-size: small;”>It normally leads to a better and stronger relationship that is if the two are meant for each other.

To some people, it is usually after a long time in a relationship that they opt for courtship but sometimes, others dodge it and just get married. Others have a negative attitude towards it not knowing that it’s a helpful step in one’s relationship.

Our Chimp Corp was able to speak to a few voices from different places on their opinions and attitude towards the idea of courtship. As some supported the idea, others discouraged it.

“Courtship is old fashioned, it’s a waste of time and seriously I don’t know what I would want from it yet also my grandparents went through it,” says Ricky Mutebi, the manager of the Big Talent Crew.

This step in a relationship should be considered at a time of having marriage in mind; however, it is advisable that deep romance be avoided before courtship. This can result to one not knowing if the other partner is the special one.

Eddy Kirabo, owner of a photo studio in Bugolobi says, “I have no problem with courtship as long we are about to get married, then none of us should waste each other’s time.”

“Courtship is a good thing, I don’t see the reason of rushing into a marriage after only three years and then start regretting as to why you got married in the first place,” adds Michael Mugenyi, the Trade Marketing Consultant at Heineken Uganda.

Meanwhile other people believe, one can pretend in courtship just to win the other partner in marriage.

Molly Irankunda, working in Customer Care department at AAR says, “It is a great thing but people be pretending, they are always at their best behavior.”

A close associate of hers added that before engagement and sex, one needs to be in courtship first.

Rogers Rumanyika complements that, “It’s not bad as long as you date and have sex with the right person. What people don’t know is that the right partner is made and not fund.”

He added that one should not fantasize or plan for the age and period he or she will be getting married because it will not happen. “If it does, then one will have rushed and what follows are regrets only.”

Since courtship is like dating with a purpose, one should not rush into it just like not rushing to have a marital status.

Lillian Nyombi adds that it’s good to study each other’s behavior and know more about the other party or partner before stepping into marriage.

Couples should see to it that they engage themselves in courtship before getting married for better results.


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