Egypt Asks Museveni To Intervene On AU Sanctions


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“It was upon this wrong information that prompted the African Union (AU) to put sanctions on Egypt stopping us from participating in any AU activities,” said Omar.

She added that the sanctions by AU greatly caused anger and commotion among the people of Egypt who thought that “the African brothers and sisters would be the first to understand our path for democracy.”

“Many African countries have gone through many wars and battles to achieve the liberation and development of democracy in their countries and this is why we expected a lot of understanding of the situation from Africans,” she told journalists at the Uganda Media Centre on Friday.

“This was a move to liberate our country from a group of people that caused a lot of harm, disintegrated our economy and violated human rights,” she emphasized.

Omar added that they are calling upon all the people in Africa and all leaders to understand that the resolution made by AU was uncalled for and should be reversed.

“We are asking for President Museveni to stand with us in this cause to foster the lifting of the sanctions,” said added.

She added that their meeting with president Museveni was so promising “who truly expressed that he understands better that the situation in Egypt was never a military coup as it was portrayed but a move by the Egyptian citizens asking for their own freedom and development.”

Omar added that the military just came in to help the citizens to do away with the Morsi regime but the move was never initiated by the military.

Amb. Mano Omar is from visiting Ethiopia, now in Uganda and she is to continue to Kenya, Eritrea, Burundi, Rwanda, Djibouti and Seshelis with the same message of making people aware of the true reality of the situation in Egypt.

Reports that Egypt is now seeking support from Uganda on AU sanctions are interesting considering that relations between the two countries have been deteriorating.

Museveni recently warned Egypt against attacking Ethiopia over a dam row saying Black Africa would not tolerate such a colonial attitude.

But with the ousting of Morsi, Kampala and Cairo relations could get back on track.

But Omar expressed her gratitude towards “the people of Uganda and His Excellency President Museveni for the support. We are relying on President Museveni because of his connections.”

Regarding the fate of Morsi, Omar said the ousted Egyptian President will be released if “he is cleared of all his charges.’

She further noted that Egypt would soon write a letter to the African Union hoping the ban will be lifted, adding, “We are very keen on national reconciliation and what we want the people in Africa to know is what is actually happening in Egypt and not a coup.”

“The previous regime was undemocratic thus a popular uprising. The president not only neglected his duties but threatened the citizens who called up the army to oust him.”


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