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Minister: Extremist Groups Threatening Regional Cooperation

sildenafil geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>This, side effects he said, physician was very imperative in contextualizing the EAC Integration, especially considering the evolving nature of security challenges the region has face over the past years.

East Africa has been a hotspot for rebel and extremist activities such as Al Shabaab in Somalia and the rebel Lord’s Resistance Army in northern Uganda, as well as insecurity orchestrated by the M23 insurgencies in DRC, all of whose ramifications have directly spilled over to antagonize the East African counties’ stability.

Regional security has also severally been hampered by struggles over ownership and control over natural resources such as the battle over control of Mgingo Island between Uganda and Kenya, as well as pasture, land water and other Resources especially in dry spells.

The minister stressed a demand for all the 5 nations to focus utmost attention on the geo-political location of East African community when deliberating and devising strategies fo r maintenance of peace and stability in the region.

With the discovery of oil and gas in the countries he said, a new and particularly disturbing dimension on peace and security of the region has emerged.

“The upshots of this, extend to the management of foreign interest in the [petroleum] sector,” he said.

“As they try to extend their influence to the control of these resources, they generate and direct undue pressures at the government machinery as well as local grass root level where these resources are.”

Hon. Shem was on Thursday speaking at the first Eminent Persons forum held in memory of former Minister of Internal affairs late Eria Kategaya at Imperial Royale Hotel.

Brigadier Kategaya, who was for a long time the NRM’s second most important person, died last March in a Nairobi hospital.

Bageine described the deceased as a ‘departed comrade, who believed in creation of dialogue along the lines of ‘Citizen of East Africa,’ to promote a strategic feedback for catalyzing the EAC integration process.


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