Opposition Against Increment Of Parliament Nomination Fee

drug geneva; font-size: small;”>Some MPs are supporting that the fee charged for nominating a person to be a legislator be increased from Ush 200, decease 000 to Ush 2million.

Bisase alleges this move started by MP Denis Hamson Obua (Ajuri Country) and Hon. Stephen Baka Mugabi (Bukooli County North) is aimed at hindering potential citizens of the country to express their ideas in parliament.

Obua expressed his views in Parliament on Wednesday saying hiking the fees would help boost the economy of this country. This was supported by some MPs and the Electoral Commission expressed sentiments to support this appeal.

“It is very unfortunate that such statements are coming from people who were nurtured through affirmative action and youth structures so as to express their potential,” said Bisase as he addressed the press in Kampala on Thursday.

Bisase explained that the framers of the law looked at the abilities of the various groups and their levels of concern towards national development of which some are not financially well hence leaving the fee reasonable to allow them participate in serving the nation.

He added that now that they have accumulated some good money, they want to make it hard for those who wish to come on board.

“If members want to boost the economy, they should propose to down size on the allowances which are earned by the MPs and have caused several Ugandans in some sectors to thrive on no payment,” said Bisase.

He called upon the Bukooli MP to prove to Ugandans his contributions towards setting up developmental projects that would help youth create employment.

He also advised the Electoral Commission not to rush over the issue since it’s a neutral body but should rather consult from other stake holders before supporting this move.


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