Uganda Receives US Treasury Awards For Development Impact


information pills geneva;”>The Development Impact Honors award, recognizing excellence in project design and implementation, was given to the community-driven project that saw the rehabilitation of roads, building of markets and introduction of agro-processing equipment.

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AfDB is the first multilateral development bank (MDB) to receive recognition for two projects in the same year.

This year’s selected projects included the AfDB’s Emerging from Conflict/Multisector Support in Cote d’Ivoire, which focuses on restoring social services and reducing gender-based violence in post-conflict Côte d’Ivoire, and the Community Agricultural Improvement Programme in rural Uganda.

The US Treasury Department’s Development Impact Honors awards promote the highest standards in development by recognizing outstanding projects undertaken by multilateral development banks.

The program seeks to reward excellence in project design and implementation and to showcase the vital work MDBs carry out in communities, countries and regions to support the world’s poorest people.

The two AfDB projects were selected from dozens of MDB projects nominated for the award.

African Development Bank President Donald Kaberuka was on hand to accept the awards personally from Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew.

“This project took a community-based approach to providing agricultural infrastructure and raising the incomes of farmers,” said Kaberuka.

Residents of local communities participated in taking inventory, setting priorities, and selecting labour-intensive projects to build or improve agricultural infrastructure and maintain it after completion.

“The project rehabilitated rural roads, constructed markets, and installed agro-processing equipment,” noted Kaberuka.

He revealed that as a result of these projects, farmgate prices of staples have increased, the costs and time involved in transportation to major towns have decreased, school enrollment has risen, and, as people have gained better access to health centres, health has improved.

Asaph Nuwagira is the AfDB’s Agricultural and Rural Development Expert who has been working on the project.

In an interview with AfDB, Nuwagira says he belives the project was selected for the US Treasury Award because of its focus on rural communities where poverty levels are highest, the tremendous impacts that these activities have had on the lives of local people.

He also reveals that the project has set a good example for future rural development interventions by Governments and other Development Partners.

“The Community Agricultural Infrastructure Improvement Programme has enabled rural communities to access markets for their produce through the construction of community access roads, bridges, and feeder roads in areas that were hard to reach,” explained Nuwaguira.

He added” “The agro-processing facilities that have been established in these rural areas have enabled farmers to add value to their produce and also act as collecting centres for bulk purchases, contributing to the increase in prices for agricultural produce. “

This project has had an impact on the beneficiaries. Since 2008, the project area has seen the proportion of marketed agricultural produce increase by 7.5 percent, farmgate prices go up by 36 percent and a 40 percent rise in household income.

Nuwagira said, “The travel costs have also dropped by 63 percent, while post-harvest losses have gone down by 72 percent. This is not to mention the impacts the new roads have had on school-going children, expectant mothers, and other people in the community who benefit. The Government of Uganda liked the design of the project enough to expand it to the north and western parts of the country.


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