Opposition Warn Odoki


illness geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>Tumusiime says he is “so surprised that these men who have for long been upright have no backbone to resist being used against the Constitution of which they swore to uphold.”

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“Yesterday I heard Gen. Aronda promising that he is going to uphold the constitution and the law; which law are you going to uphold, the one you are breaking?” he wonders.

This follows the approval of Gen. Aronda Nyakayirima as Ministry of Internal Affairs and the reappointment of the retired Chief Justice by President Museveni.

Tumusiime says it is very absurd that the Constitution of which Odoki helped formulate “is going to perish with him.”

He further notes Odoki should rather take on the job he was offered in Swaziland as a Supreme Court judge and avoid being used to “breach the Constitution of this country which will in turn tarnish his legacy.”

Tumusiime has also blasted the Attorney General, Peter Nyombi, for misinterpreting the law instead of guiding on legal matters.

The opposition figure also warns president Museveni against contravening key provisions in the Constitution, saying that whatever he’s doing is all in vain.

He has blamed Museveni for describing teachers as blackmailers yet “they are standing for their rights demanding for increased salaries and against delayed payments.”


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