Jewelry: Charm Behind A Woman’s Beauty


advice http://contenthog.com/pr/wp-includes/requests/idnaencoder.php geneva; font-size: small;”>A lady’s outfit is never complete without jewelry. It is part of every woman since it brings a blush on her face just by a mere stare.

One can wear a specific kind of jewelry according to the occasion. Whether it’s real or duplicate, big or small, the fact remains jewelry is enough to lift up someone’s spirit.

According to Emmy, a shop attendant at Angella Jewelers located at Garden City mall in Kampala, she cannot do without jewelry.

“My passion is dressing other people, accessorizing ladies. Although my job has its own difficulties and fewer profits sometimes, it keeps me going,” she said.

Pearl Mutesi, a second year student at Mukono University gave some tips on how to wear jewelry. “Jewelry is meant to bring out more of the persons outfit. But i think wearing something small on your body is stylish. Wearing less is a trend in fashion.”

some of the jewelry that is trending and a must have for ladies

Irene Nyombi, a student pursuing a degree in public health supplemented on by saying, “it lifts and completes a woman’s look.”

If you are to observe clearly, today most women prefer bigger, longer sparkly earrings and exaggerated rings and necklaces.

No matter how big a piece of jewelry is, as long as it makes one look sexy, a woman is willing to go an extra mile and have it.

“I don’t care how heavy the jewelry can be, as long as it blends with my outfit and makes me look great, i must have it,” explained Cynthia Kemigisha, an employee of Nile Gold beer.

Chimp entertainment also had a one on one with Dorothy Haki, a jewelry maker who explained how marketable her products are.

“I make my own jewelry and sell it. It’s amazing how people love and yearn for it. It completes someone’s wear. I get to sell it every day to different people in different places,” she said.

Haki said although it’s tough for her to reach out to all her customers, “at the end of the day, I am happy I make it and people love it.”

Whether fancy or costume like, jewelry remains a woman’s best friend.


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