Museveni: No One Will Destabilise Uganda


approved shop geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>The President further stated that he would “personally deal with whoever tries to cause insecurity.”

sildenafil seek geneva;”>The President made the remarks while meeting original veterans from Isingiro district in the Ankole Sub-Region, at Ngarama Primary School on Wednesday afternoon.

The veterans started the campaign against bad regimes in Uganda in 1971.

Museveni’s statements come against the backdrop of reports of a plan by exiled Coordinator of Intelligence Organs Gen David Sejusa alias Tinyefuza to start a rebellion in Uganda.

Security sources say Tinyefuza had woven a network of UPDF veterans to support an insurgency with the view of overthrowing President Museveni’s government.

For the last two weeks, Museveni has been touring several parts of the country including Luweero, Mukono and Buhweju where he has met veterans and cautioned them against embracing subversive activities.

The President has also launched poverty-eradication schemes to uplift the economic conditions of the veterans.

The President explained to the gathering the significance of the Ngarama area in the fight against the regime of Idi Amin.

He said that Ngarama was the spot the National Resistance Army (NRA) enhanced its force by making massive recruitment around the area.

He said that at the onset of the struggle, three attempts to attack the Amin forces failed because of bad planning and mistakes made on the part of partner armies in the campaign to topple the Amin regime.

He added that it was through Isingiro and Mutukula that the first effort to toplle the Amin regime was made.

“FRONASA (Front for National Salvation) made another effort mainly in Busoga, Mbale and Bugisu. A number of mistakes were made and that effort also failed”, President Museveni narrated.

He added that in the late December 1978 and January 1979, he used a small group he had trained in Mozambique to also train 200 Ugandans who were living in Tanzania as labourers.

President Museveni said when Mutukula was attacked by the Tanzanian forces, his group crossed River Kagera and entered Kikagati adding “on the following day we arrived in Ngarama Sub-County where a massive recruitment took place and by the time Mbarara was captured on the 28th February 1979, over 1000 trainees were conscripted into FRONASA.”

Mr. Museveni further said that by the time Kampala fell on the 11th April 1979, FRONASA was a 9,000 man strong force.

President Museveni, therefore, added that because of that support, he had directed a senior secondary school be built in Kyazimbire and Ngarama in Ngarama Sub-County.

“Since it was built on the side of the Catholics, a technical school should now be built on the grounds of the Church Of Uganda”, he said.

Regarding poverty eradication, President Museveni called on the people of the area to embrace modern commercial farming practices, citing a progressive farmer Mr. Bruce Berwanira from Isingiro district who cultivates bananas and is able to realize a gross monthly income of Shs.23 million.

He advised the people of the area to cultivate one acre of bananas,one acre of coffee, one acre of fruits and one acre of elephant grass for dairy cows.

He announced the appointment of Major Topher Agaba and Major Stephen Rwakanuma to monitor the poverty eradication drive in Isingiro district. Their task, he said, is to ensure that farmers get fruits, coffee and banana seedlings. They have also to promote the breeding of improved livestock for distribution to famers in the district

Mr. Museveni also directed the Minister for Luwero Triangle, Hon. to ensure the provision of safe water to the people of the area Ngarama Sub-County. He also pledged to sort out the issue of veteran soldiers of all categories as far as their benefits are concerned.


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