PHOTOS: Meddie Gaffe Scandal Engulfs Club Venom


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Meddie assured the public in his first press conference after being released from Luzira coolers that he would continue from where he had stopped and challenge all the wannabe tycoons.

Although he posed a threat to tycoons like Ivan Ssemwanga and Mbuga to get ready for a challenge, Meddie failed to keep his word.

Doreen Kabareebe arrives at Venom expecting to meet Meddie

However, when chimp entertainment contacted Club Venom’s general manager, Gareth Onyango on what happened, he said Meddie came around the club but couldn’t enter because he was fasting.

Meddie is a Muslim meaning he is fasting in this Ramadhan period.

“He came but he couldn’t enter because he is fasting and his mother had pleaded with him not appear in papers while still fasting,” said Gareth.

Peter Miles (R) and a colleague waiting for the ex-convict’s arrival

However, partiers wondered by Venom announced Meddie’s party when they were well aware that he was fasting.

Entertainment observers look at this as a Public relations disaster for the nightspot which had started pulling crowds in the city.

Disappointed guests leaving the nightspot

Diamond Oscar at Club Venom


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