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Lies, Drama Dominate KCCA Tribunal

viagra 60mg treat geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>According to the petition, cheap Tumushabe was among the signatories who requested that Lukwago be removed from office for failure to convey council meetings, abuse of office, incompetence and inciting of violence.

This compelled the Minister for Presidency, Frank Tumwebaze to set up a judge-led committee to investigate the allegations.

When asked by one of the defense lawyers, Medard Ssegona to provide the tribunal with the number of meetings Lukwago had convened since taking over office, Tumushabe said “they are only two.”

However, after taking her through the records of all the meetings which had been called since taking over office in 2011, Tumushabe admitted to have attended some of them while those she didn’t, “the Executive Director (Jenifer Musisi) had told us that they were illegal”.

After this process, she was once again asked whether Lukwago had been convening meetings to which she answered in the affirmative.

She was also asked to show the tribunal how the Lord Mayor had abused office.

“The Lord Mayor abused his office when he failed to sign minutes for meetings,” said Tumushabe.

Later on during the cross examination, Tumushabe was forced to swallow her words when she told court that she signed and received sitting allowances for all meetings that she attended.

The Councilor threw court in frenzy when, in proving how Lukwago had incited violence, said the “some of the KCCA tax collectors were beaten to death.”

When asked to name any, who had been beaten to death, her answer was, “they were beaten to death but later on they were treated and now they resumed work”!

Ssegona quizzing Tumushabe

The whole court burst into laughter and as if to make her point clear, she said Lukwago had incited the people which later led to the death of a police officer, a one Ariong though she later retracted this saying she didn’t see or hear the Lord Mayor inciting violence.

Tumushabe also told court that she had just been called to the standing committee room where “a combination of councilors was drafting the petition and I signed it as petitioner number seven”.

Meanwhile, as drama unfolded, Lukwago was not in court. He was still at the entrance where police had stopped him from entering with his aides.

Jennifer Musisi (L) at the tribunal

Here, there was a scuffle which led to the brief arrest of his driver.

The second witness to be cross examined was the Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority, Jenifer Ssemakula Musisi.

However due to time constraints, court adjourned to today at 9am.


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