UPC: Aronda’s Approval Opened Gates For Army Into Gov’t

click information pills geneva; font-size: small;”>In his remarks to the press on Wednesday at the party headquarters in Kampala, buy the UPC Vice President, page Joseph Bosa said, “Aronda’s approval is clearly against the Uganda Constitution and cannot be tolerated.”

Bosa alleged that Aronda’s approval by Parliament without first retiring from the army is a precursor and curtain raiser for the appointment of other generals and officers into the cabinet.

“If you allow one army officer to be a cabinet member why not the second one, the 10th and the 40th to serve as cabinet ministers?” he asked.

He added: “This is too much militarization of the government. The line has been crossed it has been registered in every mind of serious Ugandan that this government is no longer civilian but military.”

Bosa noted that most Ugandans have lost the morality of politics as they go on to bribe and force their way up no matter whether it is legal or illegal.

“The late President Julius Nyerere said for Democracy to thrive, a leader must have appoint where he must say ‘that’s not done’ not because the law doesn’t allow you or because you are going to be imprisoned if you don’t do it but for the sake of political morals,” he quoted.

On the hand, the UPC head of Human rights desk, Michael Arach cautioned all Ugandans not to expect any service delivery from Gen. Aronda alleging that all appointments done by Museveni are not aimed at service delivery but rather keeping the NRM regime in power.

However during the handover ceremony this morning at the Internal Affairs offices in Kampala, Gen. Aronda cautioned all the sectors of the ministry to ensure service delivery since the Ugandan society is service oriented.


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