Kisoro MP Clashes With District Officials Over NAADS Funds


medications geneva; font-size: small;”>Nyeyimana is accusing the district LC5 chairperson Milton Bazanye Mutabazi for misusing the NAADS funds which were aimed at improving households’ income through provision of tea seedlings.

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find geneva; font-size: small;”>This was at a district consultative meeting on Wednesday in Kisoro when Nzeyimana said about Ush 530 million for a NAADS programme was misused and diverted to other businesses by the district officials.

He claims Shs 30m was meant to cater for the nursery bed operators and mobilization of the masses and Shs 70m for guidance, capacity building while Shs 400m for procuring seedlings among others of which none was ever carried out as planned.

“It is a disgrace to find that a representative from NAADS has read to the meeting almost 51 ghost tea nursery bed operators that never went for training,” Nzeyimana said.

Nzeyimana has demanded for efficient accountability of funds that come through the district if they are to make a step ahead and develop their area.

This caused Mr Bazanye to intervene and oppose Nzeyimana’s accusations saying the nursery bed operation was a private business and most of them were successfully established using the funds.

He further rubbished the allegations saying the operators went for training and had been supplying the tea under the normal procuring procedures.

“Nursery bed operation was purely a private business and it was established by farmers outside and others are still being established. I contest whatever honorable MP has said,” added Bazanye.

About Shs 530 million shillings was given to Kisoro district through NAADS program to start up tea growing project as the government policy of increasing income for the household communities.


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