Mafabi: We Are Going To ICC

recipe http://cyberneuro.com/templates/fw_mazaya/warp/systems/joomla/layouts/com_contact/contact/default_articles.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>“All of us are now are going to the grassroots to tell the people about the gross abuse of human rights by the state. We can no longer accept the perpetual arrest of opposition leaders and keeping them in police cells without proper cause, illness ” Mafabi told journalists at Parliament on Wednesday.

Mafabi’s statement comes against the backdrop of new Internal Affairs Minister; Gen Aronda Nyakairima’s warning that he would not tolerate violence in the country.

“The daily arrest and humiliation of Dr. Besigye and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago is unacceptable. We condemn this abuse of human rights and very soon we are starting a countrywide rally to denounce government’s actions,” charged Mafabi.

Mafabi added that they are as well mobilizing the International Community to facilitate their plans to bring security officials in Uganda to book.

The opposition members, who are currently boycotting parliamentary sittings, added that they are preparing evidence pinning key state officials for political harassment after which the matter will be presented before the International Criminal Court (ICC).

He also equated the hunger and deaths in Karamoja region to direct negligence by the government and violating their right to live.

The Shadow Health Minister, Lulume Bayiga said in his recent visit to Karamoja he found expired blood at the regional referral hospital.

Police have in the past warned against political rallies, saying they disrupt businesses and traffic.

However, Dr Besigye and Lukwago have continued to organize public assemblies in Kampala, political activities that have landed them behind bars.

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