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9 Killed In L. Victoria Boat Accident


this web geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>Uganda Police Force (UPF) said in a statement on Wednesday evening that the incident occurred last night when a boat carrying 16 people capsized.

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“16 people boarded the boat from Kabenyanje landing site heading to Kigungu. As they were about to reach Busi it capsized. Out of the 16 passengers who were on board, only one had a life jacket,” the statement read in part.

Police said the search for the bodies continues and the cause of the accident is yet to be established.

Only one body has been retrieved.

Majority of the deceased hailed from Arua District in Northern Uganda.

Police have in the past asked the public to always put on life jackets while travelling by water.

Below is the list of the deceased as provided by Police:

1. Ismail, male adult, Lugbara from Rugbo, sub county in Arua

2. Lubolobi Charles, male adult 35 years, Muganda from Bweya

3. Emmanuel, male adult 28 years, Lugbara from Arua

4. Okuyo, male adult 27 years, Lugbara from Arua

5. Ondoma, male adult, Lugbara from Arua

6. Drandru Rashid, male adult 40 years, Lugabara from Arua

7. Kodogo, male adult 27 years, Kakwa from Koboko

8. Mahamungu, male adult 31 years, Aringa from Yumbe

9. Tazu, male adult 40 years, Tanzanian national


Acema Cox Henry, male adult 28 years, Lugbara from Rhino camp

Moses, male adult 20 years, Lugbara from Rhino camp

Munduga, male adult 29 years, Lugabara from Rubo Arua

Moses, male adult 26 years, Lugabara from Rubo Arua

Anyule ,male adult 29 years, Aringa from Yumbe

Moses Rarab Achia, male adult, Lugabra

Habib, male adult 26 years, Aringa from Yumbe.


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