Confessions: Men Are Defined By Shoes


click http://danielpyne.com/wp-content/plugins/bbpress/templates/default/bbpress/form-topic-tag.php geneva; font-size: small;”>If one is fashionable, buy the shoe one wears has to be up to date.

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Trendy men normally go for what they want and in this case, they will not hesitate to buy the pair that has caught their eyes however expensive it might be.

The quality of a shoe that a man wears speaks first before he says a word.

A marketing consultant at Heineken Uganda says for him to buy shoes, they must be comfortable but the making and designer matter a lot.

He buys his shoes from Pearl boutique located in Lugogo, Kampala and reveals that no matter how expensive they may be, he will buy them without hesitation.

“I love Sole Revolution, Platin, Fad fine, Calvin Klein and prefer brown shoes to any other color. Brown shoes with pure leather make me look unique,” he says.

But yet again, there some men that won’t mind what kind of shoes they wear. They may buy shoes of their choice not minding whether it’s a good shoe or not and will wear it for years without changing.

“I don’t like gentle shoes because I never get to wear them. So I prefer casual shoes. I do Prada and Garlands most of the time,” says Dave Dash, a presenter at Radiocity in Kampala.

What most people don’t realize is that ladies tend to look at men’s footwear even before they look up at their faces.

The quality of a shoe that a man wears speaks first before he says a word

Chimp entertainment interviewed a few ladies on their perception about men’s shoes and one had this to say,

“I love moccasins and if you take time to notice, half of the cute guys in this country wear them which makes them look sexier,” a second year female student at Makerere University commented though she preferred to stay anonymous.

What completes a man’s fashion sense is the footwear and this requires being very crucial while buying shoes.

“Buying shoes is like buying a phone, I need to know what shoes to buy and why. My key to buying shoes is style, comfort and size. They have to be genuine leather and not pointy, not too square. The best example is a shoe by Gazino and Girling; they are formal and elegant. My casuals would be loafers,” Joseph Masembe, CEO of Mase Consultants explained to our Chimp Corp, Victoria Nazziwa.

As for Paul Chemutai, an employee at Club Venom in Kabalagala, Kampala, guys differ. “I am a kind of guy who takes Monday as a weekend too. The best shoes for me may pass to be categorized as casual and genuine leather moccasins. Anything that matches with my jeans is perfect for me. But I have got some gentle shoes for certain formal functions,” he says.

Just like women, men love and adore designer shoes and are willing to go extra miles for the best shoes in town.


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