An End To High-heeled Shoes Troubles


viagra http://crfg.org/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-plugins-list-table.php geneva; font-size: small;”>They normally transform one’s body to move in a provocative way mainly because they shift the center of gravity and cause the body to use more muscle and movement to maintain balance. However, case http://centreduplateau.qc.ca/wp-content/plugins/mailchimp-for-wp/includes/class-queue.php this in turn causes pain and strain in the legs.

Many shoemakers have always tried to come up with many designs to help make the classy shoes enjoyable and avoid embarrassments like falling down or carry them separately and put them on when you have reached your destination.

One Stella admitted to Chimp Entertainment that she puts on high-heels on her way to work but when inside her office she opts for flat shoes that she normally carries in her bag.

the dangers of wearing high-heeled shoes

Luckily, there has been a response to the pain of walking in heels. Shoemakers have come up with a less painful design by integrating technology already found in athletic shoes.

Recently, high-heeled shoes were released with pouches of gas similar to those found in running and basketball shoes.

Though this may amuse most of the lovers and it may take a long time to reach our third world countries as they are very expensive but surely once they reach, most musicians who have been having trouble to perform in the ones available will always put better performance.

These air bags in the shoes are made from two layers of fabric connected by thousands of fibers.

The fabric layers are surrounded by pressurized gas and encased in and attached to a flexible plastic capsule. These pockets distribute weight more evenly across the shoe, so the shift in center of gravity, as previously discussed, is minimized.

They are inserted in the heel and under the front sole in a variety of hybrid high heels in order to counterbalance pressure put on the ball of the foot while walking and on the heel of the foot while standing.

But as we wait for the shoes to be availed by boutique owners and shoe dealers around Kampala, ladies will have to still endure the pain of the ones available if they have to look classy.

Confessions on High Heeled shoes

Cynthia Kabangambe, a third year student at Makerere University says, “I believe the new design will make some of us begin putting on high heels. Personally, I am not a fun but I put them on once in a while.”

Faith Phionah who owns boutique around Kampala town says, “Although people complain of pain from high heels, I am always comfortable in them and yet I can party the whole night in them. But I believe the new design will help many of those with problems.”

However, Rachael Arinaitwe, a business lady has a quite funny experience of high heeled shoes.

“One time, high heeled shoes embarrassed me while I had gone to shop down town Kampala, since then I stopped putting them on. However, now that there is a new design like you have said, maybe I can give them another try,” said Arinaitwe.


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