Penalty Scheme: Drivers Pile Pressure On Police


buy geneva; font-size: small;”>In April 2013 the traffic police redesigned road safety rules where it increased some of the penalties handed down to reckless road users.

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For example a driver caught speaking on a phone while driving would be charged Shs 100,000, Shs 20,000 to a passenger found without a seat belt, Shs 100,000 to one driving a non licensed vehicle, and Shs 40,000 to a cyclist driving without a helmet.

In an exclusive interview, Mr Hannington Kiwanuka, the National chairman for Uganda Bus Drivers and Allied Association, urged the traffic police to sensitize the drivers on the rules if they want them fully obeyed.

“Traffic police needs to go to the ground, call for conferences, teach drivers about the new rules, discuss them out well and then implement them instead of waking up one day and just set the rules,” he said.

He added: “Police has to teach drivers the road safety rules because some do not know them and also give warnings in case of a mistake before giving them penalties.”

Kiwanuka emphasized that these penalties need to be revised claiming they are too high for the drivers.

“Taxi and bus drivers do not make much money to be charged that amount, the traffic head has to consider reducing them.”

Police say the penalties are aimed at cracking down on reckless road users who cause accidents that have since claimed hundreds of lives.


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