Wave Of Bank Robberies Hits Rwanda

buy geneva; font-size: small;”>“At least 76 people were arrested in bank robberies which affected 12 financial institutions in the last one year, ” said Gasana during a press conference in Kigali on Tuesday.

He further noted that “about Rwf1.2 billion was stolen in several cases of bank robberies.”

“Most robberies were done with forged cheques and credit cards.”

On the way forward, Gasana said police had put in place measures “to foil such gangs, including working with financial institutions and other regional and international police forces to track-down such criminals.”

Police said the press conference aimed at elaborating on the security status in the country.

Gasana, however, emphasised that there was a tremendous decrease in general crime cases in Rwanda.

Meanwhile, the IGP attributed this to the aggressive public awareness campaigns and increased partnership with the public through community policing.

The RNP says it conducts annual campaigns during Police Week and Community Policing Week; all aimed at strengthening cooperation with different stakeholders and the population in general to fight and prevent crimes.

The IGP also said murder related crimes reduced by 19 percent to 188 from 230 while drug trafficking and consumption cases decreased by 9.3 percent to 1214 from 1339 cases in the same period.

Traffic related offences also went down by 13 percent, but negligence, bad maneuver and over speeding, he said, are the major causes of accidents.

“The campaign to improve road safety, including acquiring more equipment and training more police officers, is still on. Road accidents can be a blow to the country’s development if they are not dealt with because they destroy lives and property,” he said.

Among the new measures to improve road security, to be established, includes decentralizing the Motor vehicle inspection Centre (MIC) to all regions and a fourth lane in Kigali, before the end of the year.

The inspections centres will be supplementing other three lanes at the Remera-based MIC and the recently launched Mobile Test Lane.

Motorcycles are still the most involved in accidents with 754 cases registered in this year’s first six months. The Police chief said plans are underway to reorganize motorcycle taxis in parking centres (700 parking spaces in Kigali alone) for easy control and management.

The police chief also reiterated the “zero tolerance on corruption” tendency within the force. He said any graft related case reported in RNP is “individual based” but “not institutionalized.”

He said 77 cases of corruption involving police officers were recorded last year while 49 others have been registered this year.

“We established an anti-corruption unit to fight corruption, not only in RNP but in the country in general,” he said.

He outlined the establishment of the Ethics Centre, Police Disciplinary Unit (PDU), and training, Inspectorate to follow up police standards, welfare and e-policing and a toll-free line – 3511 – as some of the strategies to improve the force’s professionalism and fight corruption.

“Corruption in Rwanda National Police is zero tolerance and we give no mercy to any police officers caught in it,” he explained.


IGP Gasana thanked the media for its continued effort to sensitize the public, but urged them to always be objective, fair and balance in their reporting.

“Development comes with security challenges, but with such strong partnership towards the common cause, safety is inevitable,” he stated.

The press conference was followed by parading of eight police imposters, who include bank employees, local leaders and businessmen, who were arrested for allegedly counterfeiting and selling driving licences and vehicle mechanical inspection certificates.

The press conference was also attended by the DIGP, Dan Munyuza and other senior police officers.


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